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blueteak in state_of_play

3 State of Play Fics for Yuletide 2011

Never Miss a Beat by stickmarionette (5,066 words, Gen, G to PG) is a fabulous character study/story fic that examines the post-Collins newsroom as well as providing more insight into Dan's relationship with Cameron. Also explores how Dan met his wife and why Cameron has issues with her. Absolutely gorgeous writing. An example from early on: It made sense, in a dreadful way. Cal had wrecked relationships and driven himself to the edge of a breakdown in pursuit of the truth, all in the name of his work. If the work wasn't all important, then what had he done it all for?

Sometimes when Della looked up from her computer and saw the dark circles under Cal's eyes, she did wonder.

Been Holding Out So Long by aworldinside (1,835 words, Cal/Della, PG-13) has Cal coming back for Cameron's retirement party. Excellent exploration of Cal in relation to the team as well as Cal and Della interacting with one another as journalists and more: He lit his cigarette. “Did anything happen with you and your copper?” His voice had an odd tone to it- almost as if he was questioning an interviewee - and odd stress on the word ‘your.’

Three Months of the Condor by blueteak (2,361 words, Gen, PG) Um...please excuse the self- pimpage, but this is the one I wrote for stickmarionette , who wanted newsroom focus and/or more info. on whether and how Cameron learns to live with Dan's choice of wife. Also includes a fair bit of Cameron's relationship with Cal and Cal putting himself together post-Collins. And the shortest le Carre homage *ever*.