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State Of Play
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This is a community for the BBC drama State Of Play, starring John Simm and David Morrissey. Fic, icons, art, plain old discussion - pretty much anything goes! Slash is welcome here but so is het and gen and crack!fic, so don't say you weren't warned.

Subject lines need to be on topic, and it would be helpful if you could start the subject line with an indicator (e.g. "Meta:", "Fic:", "Review:", "Picspam:"). This is for the sake of modly sanity, so try to keep it in mind. Thanks!

Please use a clearly-labeled LJ-cut for the following:
1. stories/fic
2. large images
3. plentiful images
4. spoilers (do NOT assume everyone reading the comm has seen every episode!)

For stories, please label them with the following header:
Word Count:
Pairing: [gen, Cal/Anne, Dan/Della, Cal/Bell, etc.]
Warnings: [such as character death, spoilers, violence, etc.]

Failure to use this header won't get you kicked out or anything, it is just for sake of manners. Ratings: Rate as you would a movie.

Fake-cuts to your LJ are allowed, but please label them as such. Also, such links need to be made to PUBLIC posts; if your post links to a flocked entry, you will be asked to unlock it or remove the post from this comm. If you need some privacy, post directly to the comm and lock it for members only.

Links to posts in other comms or websites are allowed, as long as they are labeled clearly as such (yes, this includes links to posts at DreamWidth).

Please be courteous and polite in ALL postings/comments. Let's keep this comm an OPEN and FRIENDLY place for fans of this awesome show!

X-posting is allowed, as is community pimping for comms related to anyone (actors, director, writer, etc.) involved with State of Play. Again, just be polite and considerate and we won't sick Chewie on you!

genehunt (Philip Glenister comm)


This comm is NOT for the new, U.S. version of State of Play (expected release 2009) staring Russell Crowe! We wish the best to the producers and creative team behind that effort, but this comm is STRICTLY for the original BBC production (and, hopefully, any future BBC production featuring the same characters/actors as the original!)

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